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Reese’s Spreads

Influenster sent me a jar of the new Reese’s Spreads to try.  Well, Let’s just say it’s become my new addiction.  I adore Reese’s cups to begin with.  Reese’s Spreads are just like Reese’s cups, in a jar.  I’ve now … Continue reading

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Out of the Mouth of an Adopted Child…..

It’s that time!  She brought home the Family Tree Project.  When you’re adopted, what do you do?  Well, it’s easy if it’s a closed up tight adoption.  You do your adopted family tree and you’re done with it.  Easy.  If … Continue reading

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Mama’s Family and the Peppermill

Have any of you watched the Mama’s Family episode when they go to the fancy restaurant and Mama picks up the peppermill and can’t figure out how to use it? Eunice yells at her “It’s a peppermill Mama, a peppermill!”.  … Continue reading

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New Hair and Skin Products by InstaNatural!

I love trying new hair products.  Who am I kidding? I love trying any new product!!!  I’m the person who wanders the aisles at the local cosmetics store and tries every product I can.  I love to smell them, see … Continue reading

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As many of you know, I suffer from fibromyalgia.  Along with fibromyalgia, I have a weakened immune system.  I seem to get every little virus that comes down the pike!  I’m always searching for ways to boost my immune system.  … Continue reading

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I’ve Become the Mom I Never Wanted to Be

When I was a child, my mother had many health ailments. She couldn’t stand for long periods of time, couldn’t sit on the floor, couldn’t ride a bike, etc. She became ill with cancer and was bedridden for the last … Continue reading

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