Label Daddy to Mom’s Rescue!

Ok, so you know the normal routine, you label the hell out of your kids’ stuff.  They go to school, they go to camp, they go everywhere and need their name on everything they own.  Well, what about you, Mom?  What about the stuff your kids try to take from you?  Your favorite pen? Your cell phone charger? Your favorite tumbler? You name it.  Mom, you need your own labels!

I am fed up with my kids saying, “But it’s mine!” when I know full well it was mine and I bought and paid for it.  I mean, I know exactly what my apple certified charger looks and feels like compared to their cheap knock off, right?  Label that puppy.  Your favorite pen that you just bought with your favorite colored ink? The same one that she thinks she owns?  Yeah, that one.  Label that gorgeous inky goodness.  I know I do!

The kids are pissed.  If it has a purple label on  it, it is MINE.  If I find a purple label laying on the floor, I know they took it off of something they took.  It’s that simple.  Mom, think of yourself and get some for YOU.  Dad, this goes for you, too!  You need some super cool labels just for your things that constantly walk away and into the hands of your kids.

Side note: if you put cute bugs or lizards on the labels, some of your children may be frightened by them and avoid your item all together…..just a thought.


Thank you Label Daddy, for my awesome labels.

I received my cool purple with lizard labels free from Label Daddy.

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