What to do When Your Kid with Cerebral Palsy wants to be Miss INDEPENDENT

This is a sponsored post.  I received two sets of Hickies free of charge to review.

What happens when your kid with mild CP wants to be Miss Independent all of a sudden?  Well, you let her, of course!

Hope has always been fiercely independent.  She’s had that streak in her from the day I met her.  You don’t just help Hope do something.  You encourage and sit back and watch her go!

That brings us to all of the things she has adapted to suit her needs.

Hope struggles with a few things, due to her left side weakness.  Personal hygiene can be down right annoying at times.  I mean, do you ever stop to think that it may be hard for someone to put deodorant on in the morning? For Hope, it is a daily challenge.  The sprays are too hard for her to press, with her left hand.  She struggles to take the cap off of regular ones and well, she struggles to put anything under her right arm.

I have learned that the least I do for her is the most.  She likes for me to lay her clothes out for her so she can put them on in order.  Then before she puts her shirt on, she likes for me to open her deodorant and she applies it.  She brushes her teeth herself, but I open the toothpaste for her (and make sure the tube is easy to squeeze).

The list goes on for adaptations we have made to make Hope’s mornings go smoother.

One issue we have had that was ongoing was her shoelaces.  She wanted to fit in with other kids, so she got a pair of converse this year.  The laces are long.  That is ok, long are better than short for laces, but she has difficulty tying them tight enough and at any given time, during the day, they come untied.

Hickies came to our rescue!  Hickies are elastics that take the place of your shoe laces!  They fit into your shoes in various patterns to ensure a perfect fit.  They come in colored or basic grey.  They fit EVERY shoe!  I put a set in Hope’s shoes and made sure she was able to put her foot in and out, without them being too loose.  They are perfect!  She hasn’t had an issue with her shoes since!  No more laces coming loose, no more tripping!  It is wonderful!

Now, for me, I’ve had a problem with my left foot for a few years now.  I have a bony lump called a saddle bone deformity.  This is VERY Painful and wearing shoes is nearly impossible.  I wear expensive flip flops that have arch support.  That said, in the winter, I suffer by wearing tennis shoes or boots.  The problem with shoes with laces is that the lace is right over the top of my lump.  Not any more!  Hickies to the rescue!

I put Hickies in my shoes, before a trip to Baltimore, MD.  I adjusted them so that there wouldn’t be anything over the top of my lump, to rub.  I put my shoe on and instantly, I knew I found exactly what I needed.  There was NO discomfort.  I walked around Baltimore for 8 hours.  I had NO swelling and minimal discomfort (from walking 8 hours, not from my shoes) and I owe it to Hickies!   I am so thankful, I can put off surgery for a while longer!

Hickies are wonderful for everyone, but they are especially wonderful for people who have difficulty tying and people who have problematic feet.  Thank you Hickies for your amazing product!




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