My New Favorite Bra

Do you struggle with finding a good bra?  I’m no stranger to bra shopping.  I have three girls ranging in age from preteen to adulthood, plus myself.  It is a battle, to say the least, to find a nice quality bra that fits.  Coobie bras are just that.  They are nice quality bras that fit.  It doesn’t matter if you are an extra small or an extra large or anything in between, these bras are a little bit of heaven.  They are a no wire, sports or leisure style bra that actually offers decent support, even for my DD needs.  It is easy to find the right size on their website.  Prices start at just $20 and they come in so many colors and styles, you will never get bored!

You can Save 30% on Coobie Seamless Bras at  Use code: USFG


I received a coobie bra free to review.


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